From data security and cloud computing to help desk support and cybersecurity, managed IT services have great potential to help businesses thrive.

Managed services have grown hugely popular over the past decade. Since information technology has become a crucial function in most businesses, high-quality IT management can make a big difference for businesses. We reached out to TechQuarters, a London-based managed service provider that has worked with businesses since 2010. They pointed to several key values that make managed IT services such an important type of service for modern businesses: Cost efficiency, scalability, and enhanced efficiency and productivity. We also asked them about the types of managed IT services London businesses receive from them. They listed 5 of the most in-demand:

  • Data Security
  • Cloud Computing
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Helpdesk Support
  • It Consulting

Below is a more in-depth look into each of these IT services…


  1. Data Security

Nowadays, businesses need robust data security measures, because so much more of the average business’ activity happens digitally, and online. It is much easier for bad actors to acquire information from businesses, and they have many more businesses to target.

Working with a managed IT service provider on data security will eliminate much of the guesswork and headache for businesses – especially those that are not themselves well-versed in modern security trends and principles.

  • Cloud Computing and Storage

Cloud computing has many benefits. It can replace on-premise solutions – such as running workloads on servers, and having to build physical datacentres; these cloud alternatives are not only cheaper but much more scalable.

There are clear benefits to working with an MSP on your cloud deployments. For example, MSPs will have experience building and designing cloud environments of all different shapes, sizes and purposes. Many managed IT services companies also work with cloud vendors – TechQuarters, for instance, are Microsoft Solutions Partners. This means that they can get clients the best deal on usage, as well as provide best-in-class support.

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery

As mentioned in the first point, data security is a major point of concern for the modern organization. Data loss can bring up major issues – ranging from ruining customer trust, to incurring legal penalties. In addition to data security, managed IT service providers offer distinct services for protecting data.

Modern backup services leverage the cloud to make it quick and easy to back up large volumes of data to off-site locations. Disaster recovery, on the other hand, is where MSPs help clients develop frameworks and procedures for restoring both data and functionality to a business’ IT infrastructure. 

  • Help Desk and Technical Support

Technical support is crucial for businesses relying heavily on IT. Even a small-scale IT issue can cause a significant headache, affecting productivity and creating downtime.

Many managed service providers also fulfill IT support roles for their clients. For example, TechQuarters has provided IT support Croydon– and London-based businesses use in addition to other IT services. The support businesses get from MSPs is typically best-in-class, incorporating proactive monitoring, 24/7 helpdesk access, and training opportunities.

  • IT Consulting and Strategic Planning

Managed IT services can help businesses take steps towards transforming their organisation completely. Digital transformation is a popular goal nowadays, but it takes a lot of strategic planning and consideration, as well as ample expertise and resource. This is where MSPs can help.

Managed IT service providers like TechQuarters offer IT consulting and planning to help clients figure out what their goals with IT are, what solutions they need to achieve those goals, and the type of roadmap they will need to meet those goals in a timely and efficient manner.


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