Which is the Best Way to Make Pretty Kraft Noodle Boxes?


Want to sell noodle but have trouble finding boxes that stand out? Do you want to know what kind of Kraft noodle boxes is the most common? If you need more help, there are many options on this page for you to choose from. Look at the picture below!

Noodle is one of the breakfast foods kids love the most. Customers will be happier with your business if you design your boxes with a few details like these in mind. Let’s talk about these high-level ideas in the blog below.

List of Different ways Kraft noodle boxes are made and packed

1.      The box’s top lid can be flipped open to make it easy to get in

Some of our closed, custom-made boxes can come with a flip-top lid. The box’s cover can be taken off, which makes it easy to carry its contents. Since they come in many different shapes and sizes, you should choose the one that fits your product the best.

2.      Plastic noodle box with a clear lid

This box has a clear plastic window so you can see inside. Thus window is built into the box so that the product can be seen from another angle. The window is a great place to show what your brand is all about. This will make the box look great and make a strong statement with its appearance.

For the contents to be seen, the window has to be at the top. Most of the time, this will help your brand when it comes to advertising. But you should also have the slogan and logo of your company printed on custom boxes. Find out how to talk to both current and possible clients better in the next section.

How to fill noodle Boxes: Things to Think About

If you want your food business to do well, you need to think about what makes the best food or Cartoon noodle box. In Australia, you can’t get the attention of potential buyers without a box that stands out.

·         Using options that are good for the environment

Use strong materials to build your box. It will help you find materials for boxes that are good for the environment.

The most common shapes for noodle boxes are square or rectangular, but you can always make your own to suit your tastes. For example, the odd shape of a round box could be put to good use. There are a lot of different ways to print designs.

Stamping, raised ink, embossing, and foiling are other ways to set something apart. Each of these changes will change the way the box looks and feels. One of the main goals is to use less boring packaging.

·         Using bright colors is a surefire way to get kids’ attention

Children will always be drawn to something that has bright colors and interesting patterns. Use themes and color schemes that stand out to tie everything together. The shape of the box can also be changed.

·         Make your box stand out with bright colors and little text

People are more likely to buy your product if it looks good and has little writing on it. These colors have a certain charm, but they should be used with care.

·         Cut-out windows that let light in

Include die-cut shapes and clear windows in the design of the box. Putting things behind glass so that people can see them from all sides has always been a good idea. Instead, it would talk about how good the product itself is, both inside and out.

Noodle boxes wholesale will look more polished and pleasing to the eye if it has shapes cut out of it with a die. Also, the plastic liner can make the whole box look better when it’s sitting on a shelf. You may have noticed that some of the lids of the special containers are also laminated.


Custom boxes are a must for any company that makes noodle. So, it’s important to make them as striking and eye-catching as you can. It’s important to talk up your product in a way that makes it sound better than consumers’ other options. Give it a unique look that will make it stand out.

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