Where is the best pergola placement?

pergola on deck


Pergolas are a great addition to any outdoor space, but they’re not all created equally. The placement of your pergola will determine its success—so be sure to think about where it should go before you start building!

Install it above a deck.

If you want to add a pergola to your yard, the best place for it is above your deck. This is because most pergolas are designed to be stepped on by people, and if there are no steps or other features in the area where you want it installed, then a canopy will probably be fine.

You can also choose whether or not to install it over outdoor furniture like chairs and tables; however, if you do this then there needlessly different heights between each piece of furniture (and possibly even more so if there’s an open-air space behind them). This can make it harder for people who use wheelchairs or scooters as well as others with mobility issues who might have trouble reaching higher levels without assistance from someone else nearby (or worse yet).

If all else fails – which happens sometimes – then we recommend opting out altogether by simply adding one at ground level instead!

Place it near the ground.

Pergolas should be placed near the ground. This is because they are long and extend above your head, so if you place it too high up and you fall on it or trip over it, then that would be bad. You also don’t want to have an open space between where your pergola sits and where people walk by in their driveway or lawns; this would create an unsafe area for others who may pass by at any time.

If you have a patio or deck located next to where you want to put your pergola, then this is ideal because there’s plenty of room for them both! You could also consider installing one at the end of a pool or spa (as long as there isn’t too much water coming into contact with these structures). If nothing else works out well enough for these particular locations, consider adding fire pits nearby–this will provide warmth during cooler months while still being able to enjoy sitting around them during warmer ones!

Install it in an open area where there’s some shade.

Pergolas are best installed in an open area where there’s some shade. The pergola on deck should be placed where it will get the most sunlight and provide enough space for you to place your plants.

If you want to make sure that your pergola is going to be a good investment, then consider having it professionally installed by professionals who know what they’re doing!

Free up space under your pergola by removing shrubbery, chairs, or other debris that could get in the way of the canopy.

If you have an existing pergola that’s already in place, it’s best not to remove anything from under it. However, if you’re constructing a new one or modifying an existing one, this is an important step. Removing shrubs and other plants will free up more space for your canopy and allow for better airflow through your structure.

Removing any trees or shrubs from beneath your pergola should also be done before adding any structures like canopies or arches over top of them (see below). This will prevent anything from getting caught up in their branches during the construction process, which could cause damage or even lead to structural failure later on down the road when someone steps on one of those branches!

Consider the style of your home and what works best for your outdoor space.

When choosing the best pergola placement, you should consider the style of your home and what works best for your outdoor space.

  • What type of house do you live in? If it’s a traditional home with a brick façade and wood siding, then maybe a pergola is not right for your yard. For example, if there are no windows on either side of your house or if they are too small to accommodate an arborvitae leaf-shearing machine (which we’ll get into later), then adding an arborvitae arch would be more appropriate because it can be built without compromising structural integrity.
  • How much space do you have? If there is ample room between two sides of your house (or other structures), then adding an arborvitae arch will provide extra shade during hot summer days when trees need less water than ever before–and give privacy when needed! On top of that: even though these types of plants don’t require much maintenance once planted; their lifespan isn’t as long as other plants like cedar trees which require more upkeep throughout each season due its susceptibility towards pests such as bark beetles.”

The placement of your pergola is essential to its success, so be sure to think about where it should go before you start building!

If possible, place the structure above a deck. This will allow you to enjoy the shade while still being able to see out into the yard or garden. If this isn’t possible due to space constraints or other factors (like trees), consider placing it near the ground in an open area with some shade nearby.


We hope you’ve found this guide helpful in choosing the best place to install your pergola. There are so many different options available, but we’re confident that some of these tips will help you find the perfect spot for your own home!

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