Here Are 7 Seo Blunders To Avoid At All Costs


“To error is human,” but in business, when you make mistakes, it means clear-cut losses. This blog will analyze the significant mistakes most digital marketers make while optimizing your website. These missteps can lead to a decline in the ranking of your website. As a Marketing Agency UK, we avoid these mistakes while ranking your website.

1-Similar Material

Similar or identical pieces of material that already exist on your site are considered duplicates. Web page rankings may be negatively impacted by duplicate content even if Google does not penalize for it. Since SERPs seldom display identical versions of two pieces of material, the search engine often opts for the one that seems most relevant to the users. TSH is a leading SEO London, providing you with the best quality and relevant content for your website.

2-Disrupted Images with No Caption Text

Alt tags, short for “alternative,” are an HTML property of pictures that provide more context about the image’s content. On-page SEO issues related to alt tags should be fixed. For example, suppose the picture filename, location, or extension is incorrect. In that case, it might cause the image to not load properly on your website. When this occurs, the picture’s alt tag will explain what the image is for. It helps search engine spiders better grasp the page’s content while reinforcing the target term. Unfortunately, numerous blunders occur, such as broken photos or a lack of alt tags. There are different marketing agencies in the UK, but we, TSH, are a results-oriented specialized SEO firm.

3-Your Site Isn’t Mobile Friendly

We live in a mobile-first society where most people use their phones instead of desktop computers. Because mobile devices now account for more than half of Google’s search traffic, it’s essential to have a site optimized for viewing on a mobile device. Likewise, you will lose visitors if your site is not mobile-friendly. Furthermore, not using this function means your site is not up to date in terms of design. As a leading SEO firm in London, TSH has a designated design department that takes care of UI/UX and graphics and helps design better websites.

4-The Low Percentage of Text to HTML

Since this is a more technical SEO error, it will likely be overlooked. However, your web page’s textual content is supported by HTML code (including headers, links, JavaScript, and graphics). From what the search engine finds on the same website, Text to HTML calculates the text content ratio to that of the HTML code. TSH has a designated department of expert developers who assist SEO experts making TSH the leading SEO firm in London.

5-Title and Meta Description Issues

The title tag, often known as the meta title, is an HTML element used to define the title of a website. The meta-description element summarizes your page’s content for search engines. These will show up next to a search result on the SERP. They often exceed the character limit of 158, which may affect the website’s visibility.

6-Messy And Long URLs

Uniform Resource Locators, or URLs, are the addresses of websites on the World Wide Web. To prevent having your URL truncated by Google or not rendering correctly in specific browsers, keep it to no more than 2048 characters.

7-Faulty Redirects

Putting in redirects might cause a drop in search engine rankings and visitors. Consider removing your redirects if they don’t provide value. After a while, many 301 redirects might dilute the SEO benefit they formerly offered. The bounce rate and load time will rise as a result of this.

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