8 Eye-Catching Wedding Looks That Will Embrace Your Inner Beauty

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Looking perfect on the wedding day is the dream of every person. Especially if you are a bride you want everything to go perfectly on that day. From your outfit to your makeup, and hair, each and everything has to be perfect. The outfit is one thing that needs to be planned way before. It usually takes months to get a wedding dress made for you.

And you don’t have to buy just one wedding dress if you are a south Asian bird. You will have to get the mehndi, barat, and walima dresses as well. So now you have to spend more time and effort on the selection of dresses to get desirable wedding looks. But if you have options available, it will save you some of your time and you will at least have a direction when you start the selection of your wedding dress.

8 Awe-inspiring Wedding Looks That Will Embrace your Inner Beauty.

Following are some of the wedding dress ideas that you need for your big day, knowing all these options you will be able to make a wise choice in selecting a dress.

Bridal Peshwas Traditional Style

Bridal Peshwas is one of the traditional dresses that you can see South Asian brides wear. A Peshwas is a long floor-length dress where the bodice is attached to the skirt. This Peshwas is nowadays worn along with a blouse and lehnga and some people also wear it with a blouse and Sharara pants.


Peshwas dress has been worn by brides for a very long time and when it is meant to be worn by brides the garment often has stone and sequin work done on it. In most cases these dresses are handmade and the effort which goes into dressmaking is what makes these bridal Peshwas dresses even more important.

Wedding Gharara Qameez Outfit

Wedding gharara outfits have always been in trend and are mostly worn by Muslim women. The gharara outfit is a Lucknow outfit and it originated in the late 19th and early 20th century. This outfit was worn casually as well but nowadays it is worn at wedding events. A bridal gharara outfit will look stunning on a nikah bride.

A gharara outfit consists of a short shirt, a dupatta, and wide-legged pants. These wide-legged pants are ruched at the knee to give more flare to the outfit below the knee. This gharara outfit is nowadays worn mostly by nikah brides but can also be worn at the mehndi events. Wedding gharara outfits are heavily embellished and are trending because of the

Embroidered Lehenga Choli Dress

Embroidered lehenga choli is a signature Barat bride’s dress. People often opt for other dress styles but for the barat event, you will mostly see the bridal wear lehenga choli. Lehenga choli is a short blouse with a long-flared skirt.

The iconic south Asian bridal outfit for the barat event is a red lehenga choli and every bride wants to be dressed in one for their big day. There are several alterations to the color of the dress as some people like pure red color while others choose maroon and other shades of red color.

Mehndi Kameez Trouser Outfit

Mehndi kameez trouser outfit is the simplest bride outfit. Most people who go for simpler mehndi events like to wear simple kameez trousers. Qameez is a shirt piece and it can be long or short and the trousers are straight pants. For the mehndi event, the kameez trouser is often yellow with a heavily embroidered dupatta.

Bridal Sharara Kameez Outfit

A bridal Sharara kameez outfit is almost like a gharara too. The only difference between these two outfits is the difference between Sharara and gharara. Sharara is a flared pant and gharara on the other hand is what has been explained before.

The Sharara pants can look good with the long as well as short kameez. So based on your own choice you can customize your wedding outfit. Sharara nowadays is not only paired with kameez but can be paired with a Peshwas as well. Sharara pants look good even if you are attending a wedding event as a guest.

Bridal Heavy Lehenga Gown Dress

The gown dress is almost like a Peshwas too. In this type of outfit, the outerwear is a long gown made of thin fabric. The gown is often lightly embellished with a heavy lehenga beneath it. You can pair a long gown with a lehenga choli as well. Such outfits are very good for the walima event.

Royal Pakistani Bridal Frock

Bridal frocks and Peshwas are almost the same things. Peshwas is a bodice attached to a skirt while a frock can be made out of just one garment as well. A royal Pakistani bridal frock is heavily embellished. Most of the time they are so heavy that you can see the real color of the garment beneath the dress properly. If you want a regal look for your wedding, then you should consider such a dress option. A heavy dress is what people love nowadays.

Bridal Lehenga Maxi Dress

A bridal lehenga maxi dress is a dress that contains a lehenga and a maxi as well. Mexi is a long dress, and it is mostly an A-line long dress. A maxi dress can also be one with many panels. Usually, people wear a maxi dress with trousers beneath them, but you can also add a lehenga beneath it to add a more royal look to your outfit. This will keep your outfit flared and will look elegant on you.


These are all the dress options for all the brides who are soon to be married. For the upcoming wedding season if you are planning to have your wedding ceremony then, you must start making choices right away. Try the Cross stitch summer collection because These dress options will look regal on you. Make sure to keep all these options in your consideration before you start hunting for your wedding dress. With all these options you will find something for your bid day.


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