Finding the right lawn mowers is usually the first step in establishing a routine for maintaining a neat and tidy lawn. manicured yard of your dreams. Toro is A manufacturer that has been making mowers for more than a century, and has an unrivaled reputation in the industry.

However, Toro has a wide variety of mowers, making it difficult to pick the right one for your garden. Choosing a mower is only the first step. You’ll also need to think about the fuel type, engine horsepower, drive type, cutting width, and other features before making a purchase. It can be difficult to choose the best mower from the wide selection available.

Our mission at Best Reviews is to simplify your shopping experience. Check out our recommended Toro lawn mowers up top if you’re in the market for one. Buying a Toro? Keep reading for some pointers.

Toro mowers have different service intervals depending on the model. If you want to know how to take care of your mower. The manual should be your first stop.


Mowers That You Have To Push Around

When it comes to lawn maintenance. A Toro promo code push mower is the gold standard. The user pushes the mower forward from behind. But it is propelled by a gas or electric engine or motor. Toro push mowers are known for their wide cutting decks, ability to tackle tough grass, and ability to mulch cuttings. However, gas models can be quite loud, and electric ones don’t usually last very long.

Toro Mowers That Propel Themselves

Like a push mower, a Toro self-propelled model operates by having an engine or motor propel the wheels. You can just steer the mower over the grass without exerting any effort. Mowers that propel themselves typically have a large cutting deck, are powerful enough to handle tall, thick grass, and can shred the cuttings into mulch.

Mowers That Don’t Turn Around

Unlike conventional push mowers. Which are directed by turning a wheel, a Toro zero-turn mower is steered with levers. It can travel at a respectable clip and avoid obstacles with ease. Zero-turn mowers can mulch grass clippings and have an exceptionally wide cutting path.


When deciding which Toro lawn mower is best for your lawn. The size of your lawn is typically the most important factor to consider.

Yards of half an acre or less typically benefit from the use of a Toro push mower.

Yards between half an acre and an acre in size are considered medium, and a Toro self-propelled mower is often the best option for maintaining such yards.

Mowing a large lawn, say between one and ten acres in size, is a breeze with a Toro zero-turn mower.

Things to Think About When Choosing a Toro Lawn Mower


Electricity Vs. Gas

One must first decide whether they want a gas or electric Toro push or a self-propelled mower. Even though electric mowers are still a niche product, their popularity is quickly overtaking gas-powered ones.

Lawnmowers Powered By Toro Gas:

  • Provide a motor with more oomph
  • For most lawns, a single tank is sufficient to power the entire mowing process.
  • commonly utilize a pull starter, though some models do have electric starters.
  • Need more upkeep than electric mowers
  • The correct fuel, as specified by the manufacturer, must be used.

Mowers With Electric Motors Made By Toro:

  • Models with cords and without are readily available.
  • Provide a more hygienic and peaceful alternative to gas mowers
  • Simple to initiate. But cordless models require a full charge to work.
  • However, the battery life of cordless mowers can be short, so you may need to charge it more than once to complete a large mowing job.
  • Corded devices can be used immediately without worrying about running out of juice, but they are less mobile.
  • Concerning the power source’s voltage, current, and battery
  • It is important to think about the voltage for cordless models and the amperage (amps) for corded models when shopping for an electric Toro mower. The more powerful the mower, the higher each metric should be.
  • Selecting a cordless model with a dual-battery system is also recommended, as this can lengthen the time between charges.

Toro Motive Force

If a Toro self-propelled mower is what you’re after, it’s important to think about the different drive types to find the one that’s right for your lawn.

As the name implies, self-propelled mowers with all-wheel drive distribute torque equally among their wheels, making short work of both flat and hilly lawns.

All power sent to the front wheels of a front-wheel drive self-propelled mower. Because you can tilt the mower up to make sharp turns, they are optimal for flat or even lawns.

Power transmitted to the rear wheels exclusively on rear-wheel drive self-propelled mowers. Because of the improved traction this provides, they are also useful for use on uneven lawns.

Horsepower Of The Engine

The engine’s horsepower (hp) is a crucial factor to think about when shopping for a Toro zero-turn mower. The output of the engine, measured in horsepower, distributed to various parts, such as the blades and the transmission. Find a mower with a 16 hp engine or higher for optimal performance.

Toro Suspension

For the most comfortable ride, opt for a Toro zero-turn mower with floating suspension. Because each wheel can rise and fall on its own, the mower can easily traverse hills and valleys. However, this type of suspension does more than just make the ride more comfortable; it also aids in maintaining a level-cutting deck regardless of how hilly the grass is.


The rate at which a Toro zero-turn mower can turn around is a major factor in how quickly a lawn can be cut. There are Toro models that can reach speeds of eight miles per hour, and many mowers these days have “smart speed settings” that automatically select the optimal speed for the task at hand, be it trimming, towing, or mowing. These intelligent settings remove much of the guesswork from operating a zero-turn mower, allowing for more precise control.

Reduce The Breadth By

  • The cut width is an essential factor to think about when shopping for a Toro lawn mower. A wider cut swath allows the mower to cover more ground in a single pass.
  • Standard cutting widths for Toro push and self-propelled models are 22 to 30 inches.
  • The cutting width of a Toro zero-turn mower can adjusted from 32 to 60 inches.

Toro Raising Or Lowering The Height

Easy height adjustment on your Toro mower is essential for cutting a variety of grass heights, from short to tall. To avoid having to adjust the height of each wheel individually, look for a push or self-propelled model that has a dual or single lever to control the height adjustment. The cutting height of most Toro zero-turn mowers can easily adjusted via a simple control panel.

Water Outlet For Cleaning The Deck

Toro lawn mowers with a deck wash port are the easiest to maintain and keep clean. With this function, you can attach a hose to the mower and quickly flush the cutting deck clean of debris and grass clippings.

The seat on a Toro zero-turn mower should be well-padded to ensure a relaxed and supportive ride. You should also select a model with a seat back that is at least 18 inches tall to give your back the support it needs during extended periods of mowing.

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