1 BHK Apartment or 2 BHK Apartment – Which One is Best?


1 BHK apartment for recently married couples are, in a perfect world, sizeable. It’s ideal for beginners because it’s low-cost and doesn’t require you to stretch your budget too far. If you have any desire to contribute, the 1 BHK level is an ideal choice for you as well. However, later on, a family ought to be prepared for trade. As the family expands from a few too many, more space is required.

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This can serve as an ideal stepping stone if, for the time being, you would rather not spend more on a room. As the value of the property rises gradually, your 1 BHK level will help you raise a ruckus around town for the room you’ve been looking for for a couple of years, not too far away.


Concerning space, the more, the better. A 2 BHK level provides the most space for a family. When children grow up, it appears that having their room is a significant factor that should be evaluated over time.

A 2 BHK apartment in Pune appears to be more accommodating to companions and family members who need to stay over. An additional room enhances the elegance and degree of a home.

Benefits of 1 BHK:

A 1-BHK apartment comes at an ostensible cost. Aside from that, it’s not difficult to keep up with. This unit size is great for single men living alone. Indeed, even couples frequently choose such a lofty goal in terms of accommodation and monetary needs. A 1-bedroom condo is comfortable and is great if one is in a moving position.

Benefits of 2 BHK:

This is the most commonly chosen unit size across urban communities. According to the most recent Insite Report by 99acres.com (Apr-Jun 2015), 2BHK is the most common arrangement in the main seven metros: Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, and Kolkata. In light of its notoriety, this unit size is effectively accessible in both humble communities as well as large urban areas. It is likewise the ideal unit size for couples. Stockpiling issues can also be addressed with the extra space compared to a 1 BHK.

Why is 2 bhk better than 1 bhk?

It is not difficult to find 2 BHK apartments.

Assuming that you are searching for any multi-story local area apartment lifestyle, there are generally 2 BHK condos in them. The time spent looking is similarly lesser when contrasted with a 1-bedroom condo. When you are sure of the area and your spending plan, then, at that point, search for 2 BHK available to be purchased, and you will get numerous 2 BHK choices.

Solid future

It is valid on the off chance that you are a single man or even a lovebird couple; a 2BHK level is fine for you. Even so, extra space is great security for what’s in store for the kids, as you can use it for a variety of purposes until then.

More resale esteem

The interest is very high, and additionally, the resale value is more prominent when contrasted with the cash contributed. The level of benefit depends on the interest and area of the area, and getting a benefit is likewise without a doubt.


The main reason for upgrading to a two-bedroom apartment is to save money, but trust us when we say that saving money is not the only reason.

Spending is more valuable than saving, laments different developers are building reasonable houses for clients to buy. You can buy these pads or choose them from a store where they are less expensive.


Regardless of whether you need to sell your property, you can simply keep it under lease to get additional pay. Finding a tenant for a two-bedroom apartment is simple. Furthermore, the profit from the venture is likewise extremely high.


You can create more space by combining different rooms, such as a workspace, a concentration room, a visitor room, and so on.


The house upkeep cost is determined by the size of 2 bhk apartments in Bhiwadi and the services provided. Thus, two BHK levels give sufficient room for living.


The documentation for a 2 BHK level is the same as a 1 BHK level. As a result, regardless of whether you change your brain, you will not consider it difficult. Following that, you can look for two-bedroom apartments.


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