What are some signs it’s time to replace your automatic bathroom faucets?

Your shower systems are some of the most hardworking elements in your home. Even simple chores like washing up dishes or brushing your teeth can be arduous if you have a malfunctioning faucet. Be informed on how to tell when it’s time for replacing, so that you can take pleasure in consistent performance with an efficient water use!


Not sure if it’s time to replace your faucet? Bienvenu Brothers is here to help! With our expert team and extensive knowledge, we can assist you in selecting the perfect new fixture for practical water performance. Read on to discover 10 signs that point towards replacing your existing faucet as soon as possible.


Signs You Require a New Faucet


Are you noticing any of these 10 tell-tale signs that your bathroom faucet is nearing the end of its life? Quality and usage dictate how long a product should last, so keep an eye out for anything from leaks to corrosion. Acting quickly can mean more efficient use in the future!


  1. Dripping Faucet


If you notice the sound of continuously dripping water, it could be a sign that your faucet isn’t functioning properly. Ignoring this problem may lead to not only skyrocketing bills but also costly repairs beneath the sink caused by long-term leakage. Before shelling out money for an entirely new fixture, seek assistance from a professional who can attempt to fix or adjust your current one – if successful, you’ll save time and resources!


2. Low Water Pressure

Does your tap water feel like it’s lacking the oomph it used to have? You may be experiencing hard water buildup or corrosion, which might mean you need a new faucet. If that doesn’t solve things though, calling in an experienced plumbing professional could get to the bottom of why all your taps are suddenly low on pressure.

3. Leaking Faucet or Faucet Handle

When a faucet leaks, it can spell disaster for your home – from dangerous mold growth to structural destruction. If there’s an issue with the handle or leaky water flow, tightening and replacing certain parts may do the trick – but if that doesn’t work then you’ll need a new fixture. Don’t let minor faucet problems escalate into costly repairs down the road!


4. Rust, Grime, or Mineral Deposits

Has your faucet seen better days? If its finish is covered in rust, grime or mineral deposits, it might be time to upgrade.


Is your faucet looking a little worse for wear? Hard water is notorious for leaving behind mineral deposits in bathroom fixtures, which can lead to rusting and grime accumulation. Unfortunately, that means you may need to replace the fixture if damage becomes too severe – but don’t despair yet! Home remedies such as vinegar or lemon juice might help rid of minor discoloration before it’s time for upscaling.


5. Creaking Handle or Other Impaired Components

If your faucet creaks and groans every time you turn it on, then the problem could be more serious than just a minor annoyance. Worn-out or broken components can make lubricating them difficult to fix – requiring an expensive full replacement of the whole unit instead. Greasing up handle stems may help in some cases but if that’s not enough there are other options like replacing parts until the issue is resolved for good. Either way, don’t let damaged handles become what sinks your chances of having a reliable water system again!


6. Spitting Faucet

Is your faucet frequently sputtering or spitting? This is a pretty common issue that can be caused by something as small and inconspicuous as the aerator! The aerator, located at the end of most bathroom sinks, acts like a screen to help regulate water flow. If you’ve got an especially tough clog on your hands though – it may be time for replacing your faucet altogether.


7. Noisy Faucet

Got a strange sound coming from your faucet? It’s probably an indication it needs to be replaced. Clanking or clicking noises usually mean cracks in internal components, while screeching suggests the rubber washer may have hardened and need swapping out. Time for some plumbing maintenance!

Troubleshooting a noisy faucet? Don’t just shrug it off – investigate! Trace the source of sound and see if you can fix it on your own. If not, reaching out to an experienced plumber or replacing the faucet entirely may be necessary solutions.


8. Aging Faucet

Get the most life out of your faucet with a simple model number search. Most manufacturers provide an estimated lifespan on their website and, while they can vary depending on make and model, 15 years is average – so if yours has been around longer than that it might be time for an upgrade.


9. Bad Water Smell or Taste

If you notice something funny in your tap water, the next step is to determine whether that strange smell or taste affects all of the faucets in your home. If so, it’s likely an issue with your municipal water system and should be reported right away. However, if only one fixture seems affected by a funky odor or flavor – try calling on a plumber for help diagnosing worn out components inside the faucet itself; solutions may include replacing hardware altogether!


10. Mold Formation

Leaky faucets can be more than a nuisance – they may also lead to serious health issues. If you spot any black spots or mold around the taps, then it’s time for professional help. Don’t wait until hazardous toxins spread and endanger your wellbeing!


Have you noticed any unsightly mold spots at home? Don’t wait – immediately investigate for leaks! Sometimes these sneaky watery intruders can be hard to find, but if your faucet is leaking that’s an obvious sign it needs urgent attention right away.


It may be time for a sink makeover! Whether you want to DIY or call in the pros, replacing your faucet is easier than it seems. With the right tools and instructions at hand, get ready to give your bathroom an upgrade in no time!


Why Do You Need to Install a New Faucet?

Looking to upgrade your faucet? Besides offering a stylish new look, there are plenty of reasons why opting for an installation can be rewarding. From improved efficiency and convenience to greater durability, you’ll reap the benefits in no time!


1. Improve The Look of Your Home

Installing a modern faucet can bring your home to the next level! With an extensive selection of styles and designs, you’ll be able to find one that perfectly fits the aesthetic of your space.


2. Increase The Value of Your Home

Investing in a new faucet for your home now will pay off when it comes time to sell later: its value is sure to increase!


3. Get More Functionality

Make your everyday tasks easier and save time with modern faucets! Featuring pullouts and swivels, these convenient features can help you streamline even the most common activities.


4. Save Money

Upgrade your faucet to save money and resources! With features ranging from water savers to energy efficient designs, modern faucets can help you reduce costs without compromising convenience. Plus it’s an easy DIY project that provides long-term savings.


You Should Get a Professional to Install Your New Faucet

To ensure that your new faucet is installed correctly and safely, it’s wise to get a professional plumber involved. This guarantees any issues are dealt with quickly rather than require long periods of DIY trial-and-error efforts – giving you the peace of mind to enjoy an optimally functioning fixture right away!

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