Tiny House Doors – What I Wish I Knew

Tiny House Doors

I did a lot of things well when I constructed my small home over a decade ago, but there are a few things I’d do differently if I could go back in time, one of which is the door on my tiny house. Creating a door for your tiny house is similar to building furniture and woodworking; if I had known that beforehand, I would have chosen a different path with my small house door.

The Fundamentals of Tiny House Doors

A door is formed of bars that resemble a picture frame, and inside it are float panels. All of this is combined to form the door, which is then placed in the door casing or door frame. Then you’ll add your door hardware, such as locks, hinges, thresholds, and sweeps.

Dimensions of a Tiny House Door

One thing you’ll immediately discover about constructing a small house is that standard construction materials are scaled to a large house size, so using them on your tiny house will appear strange and out of proportion. That implies there will be many things in your build that you will have to either develop from scratch or be creative with in order to find a solution.

One of the best things about small homes is that you can customize them to your exact specifications, even the door. Because my shoulders were 27 inches broad, I planned the entryway on my little house to be 30 inches wide.

I also made the door 3 inches higher than I was (73 inches tall) so I could go through it easily, but I didn’t want it to be any wider than it needed to be. That was critical since it kept the size of my front door lower than usual.

The height of the little house door is 80 inches.

A small house’s usual door height is 80 inches. This size accommodates the majority of individuals and is also needed by most construction regulations. Depending on the size of your small house and the style you pick, you may want to consider downsizing this down. It will look fantastic in certain designs, but it may seem overly huge and throw off the proportions in others.

Door Width of a Tiny House: 36 Inches

A small house’s conventional door width is 36 inches. This creates a very large doorway and, once again, is needed by regulation. One thing to consider is whether any large objects, like as a sofa, shower stall, mattress, or appliances, would be able to fit through your small home entrance after you’re finished construction. Some of them may need to be built in situ since they will not fit after the fact.

Door Thickness of a Tiny House: 2 Inches

A typical small home door is around two inches thick. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, and code doesn’t play a big role here, but security and typical door casings will most likely drive you towards a 2-inch-thick door for your small home.

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Rough Opening Width of Tiny House Door: 38 Inches

The typical rough opening for a small home door is 38 inches wide. The rough opening is the section of your wall framework that you finish before installing your door frame, which holds your door. One issue that I believe first-time builders overlook is that the rough opening is not proportioned for the door, but rather for the door frame (which, again, holds the door itself).

Rough Opening for a Tiny House Door 82.5 inches tall

A preliminary opening for a small home door is typically 82.5 inches tall. This includes the door frame and the threshold.

How To Construct A Tiny House Door

As previously said, doors are difficult to construct. As a first-time builder of anything, I had no idea how much of an art form creating a door is. I was still learning the ins and outs of woodworking at the time, and by the time I built my door, I had only just began to feel at ease with my table saw. I wasn’t even close to being ready to construct a door, and to be honest, I still wouldn’t be ready today.

Tiny home doors are difficult to make because they must be very exact. There is a lot of joinery involved; it must be extremely straight, there must be a lot of work done to prevent the pieces of wood from twisting and warping, and it must seal very well against the door frame.

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