A Day In The Life Of A Host Family In Ireland

Host Family In Ireland

What is it like to be a host family in Ireland? Every day is unique and offers a glimpse into the culture and lifestyle of this beautiful country. From the stunning landscapes to the friendly locals, living in Ireland is an incredible experience. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at what a typical day in the life of a host family in Ireland might look like.


Waking Up

For many host families in Ireland, the day begins early. This is especially true for those that are hosting foreign exchange students from abroad. As a host family, you’re responsible for providing a warm and welcoming home for your student. This means getting up at the same time as your student to prepare a nutritious breakfast and ensure they have everything they need for the day ahead. Do you get paid to host foreign exchange students? Absolutely! Host families receive a generous stipend for their hospitality and care.



Starting off the day in an Irish household is typically a leisurely affair. The morning may be filled with laughter, storytelling, and a hearty breakfast. Depending on the family’s preferences, you might find yourself eating traditional Irish breakfasts that include potato farls, bacon, eggs, and black pudding. Other families opt for lighter fare such as toast, cereal, or yogurt. It’s a great time to chat and get to know each other better. Do you get paid to host foreign exchange students? If so, this is also the time when host families can discuss the arrangements and expectations for the day.



For the majority of families that host foreign exchange students in Ireland, their day starts with getting the student ready for school. Many times the student will need help finding the right bus to take or navigating the public transportation system. Depending on the arrangements, sometimes the host family will drive them to school.

Once at school, the foreign exchange student has an opportunity to learn more about the culture and language of Ireland. They can also gain a better understanding of what it is like to live in a different country.

While attending school, the foreign exchange student has access to resources and classes not available in their home country. It is also a great way for them to make friends and build relationships with their peers.

Do you get paid to host foreign exchange students? It depends on the program. In some cases, host families receive a stipend to cover meals, travel costs and any other expenses related to hosting a student. Other programs may provide additional compensation in exchange for hosting a student, such as scholarships or educational grants.



The evening meal in Ireland is typically a light one, with soup and sandwiches or maybe a quick omelette or pasta dish. Families will often gather around the dinner table to enjoy a chat and catch up on the day’s events. Host families also use this time to discuss how they are getting along with their foreign exchange student and what activities they are doing together. Do you get paid to host foreign exchange students? Yes, host families usually receive a monthly allowance to cover any costs associated with hosting their student, such as meals and transportation.


Free Time

Once the chores are done and dinner is served, the host family in Ireland have some free time to enjoy. Depending on the weather, they might decide to go for a walk, cycle or even go fishing! If the weather isn’t ideal, they may just stay inside and watch some television or play board games. It’s also a great time to bond with their exchange student and learn more about his or her culture. They often find that hosting foreign exchange students is an incredibly rewarding experience, although do you get paid to host foreign exchange students? The answer is no – it’s a voluntary activity and the exchange student’s fees go towards the cost of providing food, housing and other necessary expenses for them.


Going To Bed

When the evening comes around, most host families in Ireland make sure their foreign exchange student is comfortable and ready for bed. Hosting a foreign exchange student can be quite demanding and exhausting, so it’s important to make sure everyone is winding down and getting plenty of rest.

When it comes to getting ready for bed, many host families will help the student with their bedtime routine, whether that’s making sure they have brushed their teeth, washed their face or changed into pyjamas. This ensures that the student is relaxed and ready for a good night’s sleep.

Do you get paid to host foreign exchange students? The answer is usually no; most foreign exchange programs provide benefits such as travel reimbursement or discounts for hosting a student, but generally speaking, host families do not receive any monetary compensation. Host families are truly motivated by the desire to help someone learn more about the culture and language of Ireland.

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