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2my 2rmyarmy2 : mini militia this is a very interesting game today most of the youth and kids playing this game. this game contains a lot of new features compare to other battle games. so from this post, we will share you the direct links and basic guidance on how to install and play the game with this mini militia for PC. This game made huge downloads and lot of people like to play this game because this mini militia for PC is completely running and connecting with friends through wifi only. Including that the other feature is at a time 12 person can play by using wifi and 6 people can play by online. The main part of your skill is to be trained with sarge and sharpen in offline training. this is done by two modes called co-op modes and survival modes.

doodle army 2 mini militia for PC

doodle army 2 mini militia for PC, stickman shooter doodle army were invented based on the audience that is players feedback and suggestions. This mini militia for PC contains a lot of different multitude of weapon types including the shotgun,sniper and flame thrower.

mini militia for PC is now available for PC or desktop. Here we will provide you the complete detail information of how to play this game . You will get direct links to download and play doodle army 2 mini militia for PC. now this game is available in various devices and OS they are. So to Download and use an android application in your PC just you need to download and use android emulators.


Open world maps using rocket boots for amplified vertical flight. Zoom control, scuffle assaults and double employ capacity with current and cutting edge overwhelming obligation weapons and projectiles. Playgroup based fights in this fun toon themed go amongst Soldat and Halo mini militia for pc download.

To download and play this wonderful military action game please follow the below steps. its very simple to follow then you can play this game in a bigger screen that is laptop or PC. mini militia for a pc game is fully action and fighting game . The player that is you needs to just kill all your enemies in each cycle.

mini militia for PC is also called doodle army 2 for PC, The very small character in this game is a hero that is you because of this mini character this game is called mini militia for PC. Based on the user suggestion and feedback this game is developed by the developers. This game will make your addiction because of its interesting background like cartoon background and you need to kill all the enemies within a time in that wave so this makes people addict to this game. To get download this mini militia for PC action game just press the download link which is given bellow .

Download doodle army 2a For Pc Free:

The team of mini militia for PC has developed this game for only android and ios users but the response and suggestions from user side make them to available this game for another platform also. people are really got crazy on this game that is why this game is now available for PC also. If you don’t know how to use and download this mini militia game, that is not a problem don’t get worried here we will provide the complete  guide and information to download and install mini militia on your PC. mini militia is a free game for android and ios In the event that you buy the Pro Player Pack the you will get full access to double wield capacity, additional symbol customization things and online weapons, for example, the rocket launcher, rifleman rifle, laser, saw firearm.

Official GuideTo Download Mini Militia For Pc Windows, Mac, and Ios:

The complete action game called doodle for PC is available on all platforms like windows and mac(ios).  Please follow the below steps to get doodle ar for PC.

step 1:  Install the application by clicking the .exe file then follow the installation steps.

step 2:  Then create a shortcut icon for that application on the desktop .

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Features and Weapon Details

1. We can play through online with multiple players.
2. If you dont have internet you can play with your friends through Wifi this is really great right.
3. World maps.
4. control on zoon on weapons.
5. Team fight or battle.
6. Rocket boots developement is one of the best feature of mini militia.

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