What to Expect When Ordering Your Park Model Homes

Park model homes


Park Model Homes are defined by the Enjoyment Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) as “a distinctive trailer-type RV that is meant to offer temporary housing for recreation, camping, or seasonal usage.”

Park Model homes, often known as recreational park trailers, are constructed on a single chassis that is tethered to wheels. They are no more than 400 square feet in size and are constructed in accordance with ANSI housing requirements. Every Park Model manufactured to these stringent RV specifications will receive a blue and gold RVIA seal, verifying that the maker met these quality criteria. Park Model RVs vary from “small dwellings” in that tiny homes have significantly fewer, if any, housing rules.

Park Model Homes makes it quick and simple for you to move into your own personalized small home. Here’s what to anticipate from the minute you make your order until you walk into your beautiful new house.

1. Make your purchase.

Filling out our short order form is the first step in the process.

2. Select finishes and options to customize your house.

You will have the opportunity to personalize your house throughout the ordering process by picking choices for finishing, appliances, and electricity.

Our houses are built with the following standard features:

  1. Exterior walls and flooring with 16-inch centers
  2. Heat ducts with fiberglass insulation
  3. Windows with vinyl insulation
  4. Full house wrap to save energy
  5. textured walls and ceilings with rounded edges and tape
  6. Cedar wainscoat and trim as an option
  7. Sidewalls of 90 inches

You may request the following optional features:

  1. a stoop
  2. A fireplace that is powered by electricity
  3. Cabinets that have been upgraded
  4. R30 floor insulation
  5. R24 ceiling insulation
  6. A washer and dryer that can be stacked

3. Join the construction line.

Because the manufacturers that make our park model houses have a high demand schedule, there is a 6-9 month waiting period as your order advances through the line.

This is why we suggest starting the ordering process 6-9 months before your desired move-in date.

If you wish to place an order right now, we may look at the current line and estimate the wait time.

During the waiting period, you may have the opportunity to make minor modifications to your purchase. However, keep in mind that this is not always the case, so make sure you have completed all of your options before placing your purchase.

This is also an excellent opportunity to double-check that you have thoroughly prepped your site for the arrival of your house. Check that all services, such as water and sewage, are in place and that the site where you wish to build the house is level.

4. Work on your little house starts.

Construction on your small house starts once you reach the front of the production line! Because our park model houses are built in factories, you can expect a degree of accuracy and quality control that a typical on-site construction cannot provide.

5. You are kept up to date on the construction progress.

Throughout the construction phase, we will email you photographs and videos to keep you up to date.

6. Select a business to assist you with setup.

While you wait for construction to be finished, you may hire a business to assist you with site setup.

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7. We arrange for the delivery of your house.

Park Model Homes can arrange for the delivery of your house to your site at a time and date that is suitable for you.

8. Your house is delivered at your location, and installation begins.

The big day is approaching! Your house has been delivered, and the installation firm you hired may set it up for you.

9. Have fun with your new park model house!

There is nothing left to do except open your front door and settle in! While you are welcome to bring your own furniture, we may also include them in your purchase for a truly turn-key experience.

Order Your Park Model Home Immediately

If you’re ready to move into your own totally customized park model home, we can’t wait to assist you in selecting a floor plan, selecting options, and submitting your order. To get started right away, simply fill out our contact form or phone us for a consultation.

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