How Long Does the Snapchat Streak Timer Last

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Snapchat has forever been enthusiastic about symbols, so on the off chance that you are a Snapchat client, you really want to feel comfortable around emoticons, stickers, and comparative emblematic highlights. With a blossoming followership, Snapchat keeps on pushing “hip” and “in vogue” Unity media news components that rush to grab our eye.

One such peculiar symbol that has become interchangeable with the actual quintessence of the virtual entertainment monster, is the hourglass symbol. What does the hourglass on Snapchat mean, and how long does it endure? In this article, we will get into all that, and some more.

What Does the Hourglass on Snapchat Mean?

Since Snapchat’s help gathering doesn’t address the question straightforwardly, all you are left with is a solution to “How can I say whether my Snapstreak will end soon?” and that peruses the accompanying:

You’ll see a ⌛️ close to a companion’s name in the event that your Snapstreak with them is going to terminate.

Presently, assuming that actually leaves you considering what the hourglass symbol implies, you are in good company and this is where this article becomes possibly the most important factor. Basically, the hourglass (⌛️) symbol fills in as a clock counting down how much time is left for your streak with a companion to end. Thus, it goes about as a suggestion to clients who presently have a Snapstreak with a companion that their streak is going to end soon. This urges clients to make the suitable move that allows the streak to proceed.

Snapstreaks rely exclusively upon the number of snaps a client sends, so no printed trade becomes possibly the most important factor. The hourglass will show up close to both the client’s profile and the profile of whoever they are imparting the streak too, as an advance notice that your streak is going to break soon, in the event that no move is made.

How Long Does the Hourglass Last on Snapchat?

Since it has become so obvious what the hourglass on Snapchat implies, now is the right time to make quick work of one more similarly squeezing question: how long does the clock keep going on Snapchat?

Unnecessary to specify, the hourglass is never a harbinger of uplifting news, on the off chance that you mean to push a Snapstreak along. Except if you have chosen, either without any assistance or commonly, that you need to break the streak, the hourglass on Snapchat Unity media news will constantly be a disturbing update that you should move forward with your Snapchat game to allow the streak to proceed.

The solution to how long the hourglass endures before your streak breaks is somewhat sloppy, with a huge populace of Reddit stating 2 to 3 hours, with numerous others guaranteeing a strong 4 to 7! Since the help page specifies no data in such a manner, there has been no positive response yet.

It has been profoundly hypothesized that the purpose for this tricky time period is the way that not all streaks have managed the cost of a similar measure of caution time. For example, a streak that has endured months could appreciate upwards of 7 hours of update, addressed by the hourglass symbol, however, a streak that has been happening for a simple few days probably won’t get over 2 hours before it breaks.

Tips to Avoid Hourglass on Snapchat

Since we don’t have a strong number on how long the hourglass will endure, we can make quick work of what amount of time it requires for the hourglass symbol to show up. Basically, Snapchat follows a 24-hour window wherein no less than one snap should be traded between you and the one at the opposite finish of the streak. Toward the finish of 24 hours, the admonition hourglass strikes.

If you have any desire to try not to worry about the Snapchat hourglass time limit, we suggest you follow the tips recorded beneath:

1. Send Snap, not Chat

This is a fairly fun yet bother-free method for keeping the Snapchat streak clock under control: send a Snap rather than an instant message. This keeps your snap streak going, pushes the other individual to make a move on their end too, and besides, receives the message through.

In this way, the following time you need to pass something on to that specific companion, make sure to just snap it as opposed to going to the length of direct informing or messaging them.

 2. Send Good Morning Snaps

This is one more powerful method for sidestepping the Snapchat hourglass time limit: just make it a highlight and send a Decent Morning snap toward the beginning of the day. This deals with the steady apprehension about using up all available time and the day moving past before you make time to open Snapchat and send a snap.

Make sending one snap a piece of your morning schedule. That, there’s generally one trade of snap at regular intervals, and that, as we talked about, keeps the Snapchat streak clock carefully hidden.

3. Make a Shortcut of Snapstreak Friends 

At times we recollect that we want to send a snap to proceed with the streak briefly, just to fail to remember it before we really get to it. This is where Snapchat’s Unity media news Alternate ways become possibly the most important factor. With this element, we-the distracted part is intermittently reminded that we are yet to follow up on it.

You can add it to your home screen as an update each time you open your telephone. Concerning the approach, look at our article on the most proficient method to make an easy route on Snapchat.

What To Do If You Lose Your Snapstreak? 

Customarily an error causes successful Snapstreaks to vanish without a hint, regardless of whether you have invested the energy to make all the difference for it. While that is a nearly interesting situation, what’s more, conceivable is losing an extended streak on the grounds that both of you were unable to watch out for it because of an earlier commitment, be it a test, or some crisis.

Here is the uplifting news: in circumstances like these, you can absolutely reach out to Snapchat Unity media news backing, and that can get your snaps back, assuming genuine reasons are advertised. Concerning how to make it happen, follow these basic advances:

  1. Go to Snapchat’s help page on your program.
  2. Check the crate next to ‘My Snapstreaks vanished’
  3. Finish up all the expected data, for example, username, email, contact number, gadget, companion’s username, when you began having this issue, and how long your streak was prior to terminating.
  4. You will be expected to answer whether you saw the hourglass symbol by any stretch of the imagination before the streak terminated. Check ‘No’ assuming it was a disparity, and ‘Yes’ assuming that is reality.
  5. Presently, in the “What data would it be advisable for us we know?” segment, go ahead and express your purposes for you not keeping an eye on the streak regardless of the hourglass showing up (except if obviously, there was none, which would perhaps be a bug they need to fix).
  6. Hit ‘Submit.’

Also, presto, you have done your part. Presently, hang tight for a couple of days to seven days, and check whether Snapchat acknowledges your solicitation to get your streak back. For the itemized guide you can allude to our article ‘On the most proficient method to Get Snap Streak back on Snapchat in 24 Hours’ or less’


That is about the Snapchat streak clock and its subtleties. We want to believe that we satiated your inquiries about the hourglass on Snapchat. It is genuinely simple to get familiar with, on the off chance that you set forth some energy for a brief time. Additionally, the tips will help, in the event that your everyday commitment keeps you occupied.

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