What Foods Can Lower the Risk of Cancer?


It is a truth that what you eat impacts your overall body. We cannot deny that everyone is at risk of health conditions and diseases. If you eat a healthy diet, it means that you can lower the risk of chronic conditions and diseases.

A diet is very influential on every aspect of your health. The best cancer doctor says that cancer is a life-threatening disease but you can lower its risk with some simple steps. Yes, these simple steps include a healthy diet that can prevent the risk of cancer.

Some foods contain beneficial compounds which lower the risk of the development of cancer. If someone in your family ever had cancer, it indicates that you are also at risk. You should take steps that can protect you in the future.

Let’s explore how you can eat a healthy diet.

Diet to Prevent Cancer

Some of the foods can bring more positive effects on your body. These foods contain healthy compounds. You need to add the following diet plan into your daily routine:


There are certain types of cancer that you can reduce the risk with a healthy diet like carrots. Stomach cancer risk can be reduced with the help of eating carrots. Some studies also support the evidence of decreasing the risk of prostate cancer. You do not need to eat only carrots as you can add them to your diet plan or make it as a side dish. People love to have a salad for a meal. You need to make a salad and add different veggies along with carrots. Once you start eating carrots, they will provide the essential compounds that will protect you from developing cancer.

Olive Oil

If you want to be protected against cancer, you should try olive oil. Using olive oil can reduce the risk of breast cancer. People with a higher intake of olive oil are at a low risk of developing cancer as compared to others who do not have a high intake.

There are many ways that you can use olive oil in your meal. You can also use this oil to marinade the meat or poultry to make it juicier.


When it comes to high-fiber foods, you do not need to forget flaxseed. Yes, they are high in fiber and lower the growth of cancer cells progression. It controls the spread of cancer cells. High fiber diet is also helpful for decreasing colorectal cancer. Some studies also show that flaxseed intake is linked with a low risk of breast cancer development and is also effective for colorectal cancer risk reduction.

You can also try tomatoes in your daily diet plan to reduce cancer development. They have lycopene compounds which give vibrant color to tomatoes. Make sure that you add them to your meal and add them to your salads.


Fruits that are high in plant pigments and anthocyanins like berries. They have antioxidant properties that can reduce the risk of cancer. Black raspberries are also effective for oral cancer and decrease the progression level of cancer.

You should discuss with an expert what type of berries you should eat. Yes, make sure that you add berries to your diet plan or make it a salad.

Having berries in your daily diet plan can help in reducing the development of cancer. The active compounds in berries lower the risk of certain types of cancer development and help you live a quality of life. Berries are also beneficial for many parts of the body.


Nuts are popular as a snack. Well, replacing unhealthy snacks with healthy snacks can be more effective for your overall health.

But there is more research required to make sure that nuts are associated with lowering the risk of cancer. Nuts are not a safe solution for everyone because many people are allergic to them.


Curcumin is an active ingredient found in turmeric. It is a chemical with highly effective properties, like anticancer and anti-inflammatory. It also has antioxidant properties.

But some researchers have also shown that curcumin contributes to decreasing the risk of neck and head cancer cells.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are popular for their many beneficial properties and they also contain antioxidants. They decrease the risk of cancer, according to many researchers. Eating citrus fruits is associated with a low risk of pancreatic cancer.

There are certain types of cancer that can be dealt with with the regular intake of citrus fruits.

They are also beneficial for the digestive system and improve the upper respiratory tract.

The Bottom Line!

Having a healthy diet regularly can help in decreasing the risk of cancer development. Healthy foods are linked to certain types of cancer reduction rates. It can reduce the growth rate of cancer progression.

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