Custom Box Printing: The Best Way to Make Your Packages Stand Out

custom box printing

Are you looking for a way to make your packages stand out? Custom box printing is the way to go. With custom printing, you can create a unique look. That will set your packages apart from the competition. In today’s competitive market, it is more important than ever to make a good impression on your customers. 

Custom printing can help you do just that. Not only does custom printing look great, but it can also be very affordable. So why not give it a try? You won’t be disappointed! 

The holiday season is a great time to take advantage of custom box printing. Vape makes an excellent gift for young people. And custom boxes can make those gifts even more special. Not only will custom packaging add a personal touch to your gifts. But it can also help protect the product inside. Visit to learn more. 

Custom packaging helps keep items safe during shipping. So, they’ll arrive at their destination in perfect condition. Plus, custom boxes can also create a sense of anticipation for the recipient. After all, when you give a gift in custom packaging, it shows that you took the time. And effort to make it extra special! 

How Do Void Fillers Work and What Are They? 

Have you encountered a circumstance? Where you needed to fill the empty areas in your box. If you’ve ever had to pack and send an item. You may aid with it by using void fillers. Continue reading for a detailed explanation. Of how to pack your items using empty fillers. 

Void Fillers of Paper 

The simplest and most economical solution is to use paper. Extra padding and protection for your packages’ contents can be found in the form of everything. From newspaper and packing paper to tissue paper and crinkled paper fillers. 

Because paper is biodegradable, this kind of blank filling is also environmentally beneficial. Old paper scraps may be used as void fillers, which is another excellent option to reuse anything before recycling it. Since paper void fillers are essentially crushed up and pushed into the empty spaces inside your boxes. They might not have the same amount of artistic value. And protection as other options. 

Wraps for Void Filler 

Glass pieces and other delicate products are frequently wrapped in bubble wrap or environmentally-friendly corrugated wrapping. Because it is inexpensive and extremely protective, bubble wrap is one of the most often used void fillers. Bubble wrap is made of plastic, which means it is not a sustainable resource. 

While they may be more aesthetically beautiful than bubble wrap. And constructed of paper or cardboard, corrugated or kraft paper wraps are less protective. Since they are less flexible and shock-absorbing than bubble wrap. 

Sheets of foam 

Instead of wrapping around the goods as wraps do, foam sheets cover the interior of a shipping box, serving as a barrier. And an extra layer of protection between your merchandise and the box. Foam sheets are excellent for glass, delicate objects, and hard objects. That might dent or damage upon contact. Since they absorb a lot of shocks. 

Although foam sheets are excellent at preserving the contents of the box. They are not environmentally friendly. And frequently wind up in the trash after use. Additionally, placing foam sheets inside your shipping cartons will make each carton larger overall, which may raise the cost of shipping if you’re shipping in large quantities. 

Why does packaging matter so much to your brand’s success? 

When done well, packaging seamlessly blends form and function. Brands shouldn’t undervalue the significance of packaging since it affects everything from marketing and brand distinction to protection and ergonomics. For more information about successful packaging design, continue reading. 

1 – Brand identification is the strength of packaging 

Any brand’s marketing plan inevitably includes packaging design. Consumers often become aware of a brand after 5-7 impressions. As a result, it’s crucial to incorporate your logo and distinctive brand rules. Such as colors and typefaces into your packaging design to increase brand recognition. 

A Loyola University Maryland study found that color in particular can make a strong impression. “Increasing brand recognition by up to 80%.” A recognizable brand is typically more profitable. And consistent branding may boost your revenue by 10% to 20%, according to some estimates. 

2 – Customers are drawn to the packaging 

Its first step in convincing a buyer to purchase a product is catching their attention. This is crucial in retail situations because products need to stand out from the various objects there. 

Innovative or unconventional package designs can help draw attention to your products. And set them apart from those of your rivals. 

For instance, Panasonic RP-HJE 130 is “another earbud” by WIRED. But this otherwise unimpressive product is memorable. By looking like music notes in its box. A simple design that stands out from the majority of other earphone packaging.  

3 – Packaging has practical uses. 

Aesthetic appeal cannot make up for the packaging. That does not adequately protect items in shops or during transit. Or that is challenging for customers to use. Packaging must also serve a practical purpose. 

Think about how strong, shock-absorbing, tamper-proof, and user-friendly your packaging must be. Numerous packaging techniques, such as the use of corrugated cardboard, adhesive strips, void fillers, or bespoke box infill. They can offer protection. 


The benefits of custom box printing are clear. If you want your packages to stand out from the competition, this is the way to do it. With custom printing, you can create a unique look that will impress your customers. Custom printing is also very affordable, so there’s no reason not to try it. And what better time to take advantage of custom printing than during the holiday season? So, if you need custom box printing, contact Stampa Prints now. They’ll be happy to help you create the perfect package for your needs. 

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